Endometriosis is a benign proliferative disease which means that it keeps an increasing with time if not treated although. Women with this diseases can be asymptomatic, they mostly present with pain in lower abdomen pain during periods, pain during intercourse or infertility.

Medical treatment is available to relief the pain associated with endometriosis but not for women devising fertility since all these medicines inhabit Ovulation, thereby, eliminating any chances to get pregnant. Ovulation induction to facilitate ovulation ---- IUI can be tried in stage I and II. Whereas IVF gives best results in stage III and IV. Laparoscopic surgery helps in improving live birth rates at all stages.

Adenomyosis reduces receptivity of uterus and thereby chances of getting pregnant. The bigger the uterus, lower are the chances of getting pregnant. Surgical -------- of adenomyosis might help in big size. However, uterine size more than 16 weeks should consider surrogacy.