IVF required only in old age
Depends on the cause of infertility. In case of severe male factor/Gr IV endometriosis, IVF is the only option even in younger age.
IVF procedure is very painful
Egg retrieval procedure is done under anesthesia so patient doesn't experience any pain. Embryo transfer procedure and administration of injection is again not painful.
IVF has lots of side effects
It is very safe procedure. There are hardly any side effects.
IVF procedure is very expensive
It is not too expensive. One might end up spending much more small amounts in an appropriate treatment.
Baby born through IVF is someone else’s
Sperm and egg used in IVF are procured from the patient only. Fertilization is done outside body.
IVF procedure involves bed-rest through the procedure as well as pregnancy
Bed-rest is not required at any point during treatment on pregnancy.
Baby born through IVF are abnormal
Risk of abnormality in a baby born through IVF is similar to a natural conception.
In an IVF pregnancy, delivery can only happen through cesarean section
Decision for vaginal delivery or cesarean section depends on associated obstetric factors can be done either way.
Once an IVF pregnancy, always IVF
Depends on the indication for IVF. In case of resistant PCO, mild edematous, unexplained, natural conception may happen after an IVF pregnancy.